After Kwazii failed his Social Studies test, he is in a danger of being held-back.


Doc McStuffins: Ok, that Social Studies test was a tiny little hard.

Tweak Bunny: "Four Score and Seven Years Ago." Oxygen!

Mrs. Clarabelle: Kwazii!

Kwazii Cat: excuse me, Mrs. Clarabelle wants to congradulate me on a job well done.

Captain Barnacles, Lara, Peso, Petunia, Pinto, Tweak, Andrew, Dashi, Shellington: (together) Quadruple F-!

Kwazii Cat: Well, I was not supposed that Ultra Lord wasn't the Father of the United States of America! That's what it said so on the Ultra Lord Website!

Captain Lara: Wait. Did you write up the Ultra Lord Website?

Kwazii Cat: Your point? Oh, anyway, Mrs. Clarabelle says if I don't pass tomorrows Math Final, I'm gonna left back!

Captain Barnacles: Left back?! That's terrible!

Kwazii Cat: Tell me about it! I can't be in Kindergarten with a bunch of babies who wet their pants and cry for their mommies!!

Kwazii Cat: I'm concetrating! (sees the TV) Oh look, TV.

(Captain Barnalces turns off the TV)

Kwazii Cat: TV, go dark!

Tweak Bunny: (shocked and scared) Cap! Me and Andrew don't like lightning it makes our fur stand up funny and our ears twist!